Will the Living Income Guaranteed cause Inflation?

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One must first understand Inflation. Many years ago I asked a big shot in the bank a definition for inflation and his answer was quite incoherent, it’s like a matter of opinion. So we should rather look at the facts, than the opinions and justifications of ‘What inflation is?’and ‘Why does it exist?’

In a way if we go back in history, inflation can be seen as an extension of the cruelty of man. When there is not enough, then the so-called ideology of ‘Supply and Demand’ allows the greedy to increase prices and sell to the highest bidder, ensuring that the ideology that ‘money is power’ becomes ingrained in the human consciousness.

Another perspective of inflation is that it is an extension of Public Relations and Advertising.In advertising the real picture is photoshopped to make it more aligned with the mind, the mind becomes controlled by these images, goes into association and a relationship of comparison and then judges reality according to these pictures. This mechanism creates desires which produce the same type of supply and demand where the human who is controlled by these images and propaganda will do whatever they can to buy a product that is being inflated in its image.

Now the clever thing about this inflation of products by Public Relations is that you have to read the small print. The big print is all the fake and false images – the small print contains all the legal truths. The real truth about anything is always the small print because there you know you get the information about side effects, warranties, planned obsolescence, all the negative stuff is in the small print while all the positive stuff is in the big print. This is the same nature of positive thinking: it inflates the image on the positive side, it diminishes the negative side causing extreme imbalance that eventually reflects itself in general society as poverty and wealth.

Let’s look at another point of inflation: the deliberate inflation of prices to increase the profits of the corporation.As mechanization has been increasing – which should simply function as the replacement of labor, not the replacement of employment: more and more jobs are lost.Yet, prices are still being inflated. And now we sit with massive unemployment, inflated pricing, a problem with supply and demand because people don’t have money to buy and consume. So despite an appearance of inflation, the economic reality is that the economies are shrinking and not inflating– and you sit with the problem that your real value of a product has been lost a long time ago, because the real value has been labor all along.. And because the ideas of saving, competition, inflating the corporation and the war for a monopolized control has become the way of the world — the reality of what really exists is no longer easily accessible because: all we have is our inflated images.

So obviously if we have to keep following this distorted view of reality which is justified through the word ‘inflation,’ which is just a model of statistics – and you can check out the previous blog about the uselessness of statistics (
A Living Income Guaranteed is the BIG Issue) the statistics just inflate the idea that you know what you’re talking about, so statistics is just another form of inflation, it’s just Public Relations. It’s just a fake and false image and likeness with which the actual data is distorted so that those that benefit from having control and access to resources through this inflated view can justify why it is that the things are the way they are, why poverty is so immense and expansive… And so you’ll have the curious bizarre thing happening, for instance that the corporate top dogs and the loyalty they buy from people that are in the corporation – as well as their income – has been skyrocketing for at least the last 30 years. So these massive profits are used to buy loyalty which protects the top dogs. This same illness is now part of the government where people’s loyalty is bought so that they can protect the wealth of the few while the majority of people on Earth are existing in one or two dollars a day – and that’s quite okay apparently because the image is inflated to say that “That is enough for them to make a living.”


If we do not change the system, this Inflation point will have an effect. Obviously if the Living Income Guaranteed becomes a reality, we have to change the economic model: it’s not working, it has a fake and false inflated image by economists that are not worthy of the word ‘Economist’ because they are not managing and researching the ecology, the ecosystem of the world to ensure that every human being’s basic Human Rights are being protected.

Therefore everything you know about ‘Economics’ as several people that were brave enough to stand up have said “you have just being been lied to” –  Economy/the Economists, the ideas of Economics are all just a lie and so is inflation – the image is inflated, the truth and the data are not real and the human being has been mislead to believe that their data should not be in the hands of a central agency to actually create a stable environment. And so, the corporation and the propagandists can say that they’re doing and acting according to the will of the people, because the problem of inflation even exists there, the specific ideas and conspiracies have been inflated deliberately to create this image and likeness that the human’s will is apparently democratically being adhered to – It’s all in the image and likenesses of inflation.

For this all to work, you better study the Living Income Guaranteed proposal where we show what is necessary to be in place for a balanced society, where we show and expose all the inflations and propagandas and misdirection, where we show that at the end, even those in the current BIG proposals only have inflated egos – so inflation is really everywhere. Nowadays we even have inflation in terms of what it does to the body because the food is no longer supportive of the body, because Health is not really on the agenda of those that make policy,it’s all about profit.

Inflation is a danger all around and unless we stop all inflation – which is just a mind job – and we get back to reality and work with actual data based on the physical, our economic balance on Earth will not be restored, we will not have an ecosystem that supports Life on Earth and that protects the Human Rights of Every Human Being.


Equal Life Foundation Research Team


Inflation and the Living Income Guaranteed

4 thoughts on “Will the Living Income Guaranteed cause Inflation?

    wbaltzley said:
    August 25, 2013 at 5:51 am

    Inflation is simply the result of people with money trying to outbid one another for an item that they believe to be scarce. You see this happen every year around “Black Friday” in the USA.

      Marlen said:
      August 26, 2013 at 5:07 pm

      Certainly that’s the most common definition of ‘inflation’ however here we are pushing the accepted definitions aside to understand the inflation of the value upon everything in our reality leading to the acceptance of a system where we believe that such value can ‘fluctuate’ according to ‘market forces’ within a fixed system backed up by a theory called ‘Economy’ that is in no way genuinely administrating the resources to generate a common well being.

    Jonno said:
    November 13, 2013 at 8:26 am

    This is incoherent rambling. Inflation does not increase the profits of corporations, it either decreases it (by making the same income be worth less) or doesn’t affect it (when the market adjusts for it). You are confusing the effects of inflation and deflation, indicating you don’t understand the concept at all.

    I have no idea why you find extant definitions of inflation confusing, it’s quite a simple concept. The less money you have in an economy, the more it is worth (because it is more rare). This is deflation. When you have more money in an economy than before, it becomes worth less than before (because it is more common). This means that the same sum – e.g. $1 – buys less things. This is inflation.

    […] Ten behoeve van dit alles om te functioneren, kun je beter het LeefbaarInkomen Gegarandeerd voorstel bestuderen waar we laten zien wat nodig is om in plaats voor een evenwichtige samenleving te zijn, waarin we alle inflaties en propagandas en misleiding laten zien en openbaren, waar we laten zien dat aan het eind, zelfs die in de huidige BIG voorstellen hebben alleen opgeblazen ego’s – dus inflatie is echt werkelijk overal. Tegenwoordig hebben we zelfs de inflatie in termen van wat het doet met het lichaam, omdat het eten niet langer ondersteunend is voor het lichaam, want Gezondheid staat niet echt op de agenda van degenen die het beleid maken, het gaat allemaal over de winst. Inflatie is een gevaar overal rondom en tenzij we stoppen met alle inflatie – wat gewoon een mind/geest job is – en we teruggaan naar de realiteit en met feitelijke gegevens werken gebaseerd op het fysieke, zal ons economische evenwicht op Aarde niet worden hersteld, zullen we geen ecosysteem hebben dat Leven op Aarde ondersteunt en dat de Mensenrechten beschermt van ieder Mens. Dit is een vertaling van Will the Living Income Guaranteed cause Inflation? […]

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